Hobart History, People & Places 

  • Perfect introduction to the city of Hobart
  • Expert trained guide with extensive knowledge of Hobart's buildings, places and colonial heritage
  • Entertaining stories of convicts, entrepeneurs, villians and heroes
  • Includes Salamance, waterfront, CBD, Constitution Dock and Parliament House 
  • Stories enhanced with old images, maps and photographs
  • Tips on the best places to go and things to do in and around Hobart   

Scheduled tours at a range of times through the week, and also available at other times on request. An extensive city walking tour including historic Hunter St, Hobart waterfront, significant city locations & Salamanca Place. Wonderful stories about the hard working convicts, explorers, entrepreneurs, villains and heroes of this convict-built city. Small group walking tours. If you have a larger group please contact us to arrange a special tour just for you.

Henry Jones Art Hotel. - 25 Hunter St, Hobart


Duration:2 hours, approx
Distance:3km (2 miles)
Difficulty:Along city street, some steps which can be avoided if necessary
Start:Meet at the front of the Henry Jones Art Hotel, 25 Hunter St, Hobart
End:The tour concludes at Salamanca Place
Cost:$38 Adults, $25 under 16 years old
Small groups
  • Monday 9:30 am
  • Tuesday 1:30 pm
  • Thursday 9:30 am
  • Saturday 11:00 am

Bookings Essential – Other Tour Days and Times are Available on Request
P: 0413 383 207

Additional Itinerary Information

Hobart’s waterfront was where it all started for Europeans in Tasmania. This tour follows the original and the current waterfront, and into the heart of Hobart. We start our walk with stories of the early days of the British settlement. It was far from being unoccupied – the Aboriginal people had been in this area for at least the past 40,000 years. Your guide will have stories of the British settlement and European encounters with the Aboriginal people.

We start our adventure outside the historic Henry Jones IXL jam factory on the waterfront. This is still a busy working docks area, bustling with fishing boats and pleasure cruisers and of course the thrilling Sydney to Hobart yachts in late December. You can even see the finish line of this world famous – and most dangerous – of open water races.

As we walk from the waterfront into the CBD, you will be delighted with the beautiful architecture laid out before you. We have here in Hobart the world’s best collection of colonial, Georgian and Victorian architecture outside of Edinburgh. The many heritage listed sandstone buildings of Hobart are of exceptional historic and architectural interest and your guide will be able to unravel the secrets behind the buildings.

Your tour route will take you through splendid city centre gardens and to Australia’s only Georgian corner. This is the most heritage listed corner in Australia and includes St David’s Cathedral, Victoria Tavern, Treasury Buildings, Derwent & Tamar building and of course the famous red awnings building of the old Savings Bank.

As we walk our way down to Salamanca Place, home to the world famous Salamanca Markets, we will take in more stories of this wonderful convict-built city, and be delighted with the transformation of Hobart from a dangerous whaling port to the beautiful city before you today.

On your tour your guides will cover the story of the birth of a new British colony, and the growth of a lovely city, recalling the good, the bad and the scandalous characters that set the tone for the early days of Hobart. Things have changed!

You will walk the same streets and hear the many stories of endurance, business empires, tycoons, adventurers, convicts, women, mothers, villains and heroes. Discover the marvelous legacy left by the resilience of our convict and free-settler ancestors.

This walking tour will ignite your interest in the depth and wonder of Hobart and leave you keen to discover more.

Meet your guide out the front of the Henry Jones Art Hotel, 25 Hunter St. 

Your guide will be wearing a bright blue hat and carrying a bright blue folder with Hobart Walking Tours printed on it - you can't miss us, we really stand out!

3 hour parking is available outside TMAG - Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery in Dunn Place which is just a short walk from the start of the tour.


We finish the tour at Salamanca Place, where your guide will be able to recommend some of our favourite eating & drinking spots.

You only need to bring things for your own comfort while outdoors for 2-3 hours.
Hobart is well known for it’s glorious range of weather conditions – often on the same day – so check the weather forecast and dress accordingly.


For hot sunny days: hats, sunglasses, sunscreen and a water bottle are recommended.

Rain is not usually an issue as we are the second driest city in Australia. When it does rain, it’s often in short showers which we can manage with undercover stops. A rain jacket or umbrella is a good option just in case. Our tours go ahead regardless of the weather. We do not cancel tours just because the weather looks interesting.

Stay Warm
Particularly with the afternoon tours, the temperature can drop toward evening so a jumper or jacket is recommended even if it’s quite warm to begin with. Generally a nice southerly breeze springs up to surprise the unwary – so a light windproof is useful.

Comfortable walking shoes are essential. While there are a number of stops where you can sit down, you will still be on your feet for most of the time.

Your friendly, knowledgable guide with lots of stories accompanied with old images, maps and photographs to enhance the story telling. 

Your Hobart Walking Tours guide will transform your travel experience into something remarkable. We will guide you through the history of Hobart so you can discover more about our lovely city than any guide book could ever hope to impart.

Our guides aren’t just some interested people who decide to lead groups during the peak season as a hobby. Instead we are well-trained professionals who have made a career out of the art of teaching new comers to Hobart about the city. We have been specially trained and have all undertaken advanced coursework and deep research in order to bring the best of Hobart’s stories to you.

The result is an engaging, fascinating tour full of stories, accurate information and answers to any question you could possibly pose. Our walking tours are well thought out, efficient and make sense. At no time does the guide seem lost or out of their element.

Food and beverages are not included but we are very happy to recommend places you can go after the tour to buy all the souvenirs, food and beverages your heart desires.

Parking - 3 hour parking is avaliable outside TMAG - Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, in Dunn Place. This is just a short walk from the start of the tour.

Please note that all tours will go ahead regardless of the weather. Please dress for the conditions.

Cancellations made within 7 days of booking arrival date incur a 100% cancellation fee.

Cancellations made with more than 7 days notice incur an administration charge of 30% of total booking fee.

We encourage our customers to purchase travel insurance to cover any unforeseen circumstances.

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