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David Collins

20th February, 1804 – Hobart Town First Settlers 1804 – Lieutenant Governor of Tasmania, David Collins When David Collins put his hand up for the job of Lieutenant Governor of Van Diemen's Land, I bet they never went into detail about what he was in for: bushrangers, escaped convicts, disgruntled settlers, corrupt officers, poor supplies, [...]

Dodgy as a District Constable

The case of Constable McQueen and the notorious Mrs Saunders. Policing in colonial Hobart was a matter of contention for many years, as it was for every British colony. Hobart, however seems to have been the stand-out example of how not to do it. Under Governor Arthur (1824 – 1837) the colony of Van [...]

Grisly and Grim – the Hobart gallows and gibbet

We stop at many interesting locations on our walking tours and one place that consistently alarms and amazes guests is the location of the gallows, which was in use in the British colony from 1806. This site today is marked by the monument to our First Fleeters, at what is now the intersection of [...]

A Whole New Idea!

Hooray!! At Hobart Walking Tours we are very excited to launch our new advertising look! This idea we have come up with has energised us all. For so long we have struggled with how to sustainably manage our marketing. We wanted to promote our tours in the Hobart Visitor Centre, but we didn’t want to [...]

Oh the shame! Henry Jones: son of convicts!

Henry Jones and his Convict Stain Many people are travelling to Tasmania in order to discover their convict heritage. On a recent tourwe had Sarah & Allan from Frankston, Victoria, who wanted to make their trip as close to the convict experience as possible. An obvious place to start was to come by ship. [...]

St David’s Missing Clock

Hobart’s first public clock was requisitioned by Governor Davey in 1816 in order to “better regulate the hours and habits of the inhabitants of Hobart.” It was installed in the new tower of the old St David’s church, corner of Murray & Macquarie Streets in 1825. This is what the original tower of St [...]

Has Hobart always been this cold?

Hobart is the only Australian capital city with a mountain in the middle of it, and as you would expect, high mountains bring weather, and Mount Wellington is no exception. Standing proudly at just under 1300m (4,000 feet) The Mountain is put to good use as a weather gauge and a good indicator of whether [...]

Behind the Red Awnings – 26 Murray St

As we tour Hobart on the History Walking Tour, many people are capitvated by the bright red awnings on the old Savings Bank building at 26 Murray St. If you have always wanted to know what it looks like inside, here is your chance:

Where was Australia’s first vineyard?

This is it! Well, ok - Australia's first vineyard wasn't quite this big, they didn't have plastic buckets and it didn't actually produce any grapes. But it was the first! And you won't believe who planted it. Think back to 1788 - lots of maritime exploration happening, especially around the south of [...]

What has Captain Bligh got to do with Mt Wellington?

Most of us know about Captain Bligh and his reputation for being a bully which landed him in troubles with the crew of the Bounty. What most of us aren't told about is the early years of his career which saw him busy navigating his way around the sountern end of Tasmanian in [...]