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A Unique Experience

If you’re the type of person who likes to have a truly extraordinary experience while travelling, to seek out stories, people and places that the vast majority of travelers will never see…

… then boy, do we have a tour for you.

At Hobart Walking Tours we all have one thing in common: a love of slow, immersive travel. We love to take walks.

When you take a walk you travel slowly. You absorb more, interact more, experience more. You stop and run your hands over the intricate stone work of our beautiful heritage listed buildings, crafted by skilled convict stonemasons. Walking allows you to linger longer at sites of great drama, to reflect at sites of great sorrow, to follow the route of corruption and discrimination. Walking brings you into the depth of city, into the footsteps of those who made the history. Walking shows you what is real.

Join our slow travel movement. Take walks.

It’s hard to believe that Hobart Walking Tours now offers 6 different tours, just in Hobart alone. It’s surprising because our growth has been so organic. Most of the guides we have today showed up of their own accord, arriving on our doorstep unsolicited. Most of our tours wrote themselves after we kept getting the same requests from guests. Our focus is always on the individual guest and how they would feel on this tour, with that guide. We’ve worried over whether we should add the grim and grisly bits in the Dark Past Tour, or whether it’s ok walk through a cemetery after dark.

Yet while we were focusing on the little things, big things were happening. We’ve gone from one guide with a big idea and a tech whizz on lots of coffee working out of their tiny beachside shack to a city wide team of 4 guides, a great IT crew and an excellent fact-checker.

We all have one thing common though: A love of slow, immersive travel; of exploring our city at ground level, through its busy roads, elegant buildings and monuments, but also through quieter streets and local hidden gems.

We just love to take walks – and we love to share that with you.

We also want to share our knowledge. We’ve spent years working on our research, stories and content. We also post on Facebook, Instagram and our blog. So if you’re feeling social, need help researching or want some advice, get in touch!

Because Hobart has been so good to us, we’ve been working hard to give a little back. We all feel very strongly about our commitment to the environment and it was decided in the outset that Hobart Walking Tours would never contribute to the monstrous mountain of paper trash that is created by the tourism industry every year. That’s why the only place you’ll find us is in electronic form, like on our phone, our website, facebook, QR code or Instagram profiles. We don’t produce a bunch of paper flyers for visitors to leave behind in the trash bin of the hotel room. In our efforts to be innovative, and still have a presence in the Visitor Centre, we devised just one single brochure, and encased it in a Perspex holder. We included all the important things, like our tour information and how to find us as well as a QR code. We encourage all our visitors to go electronic, skip the paper and use the many other means available to contact us. We also encourage our tourism colleagues to follow suit. Ok, we know this idea may take some time to catch on but we warmly encourage, support and applaud you in your own efforts to make your travels more sustainable.

We are so grateful to the many wonderful guests who have helped us to grow – and say a thousand welcomes to those we have yet to meet. Don’t speed through your Tasmanian vacation, take the time to appreciate it. Take walks.

Experienced Guides Full Of Stories & Information

As well as being First Aid trained and focused on safety, your guide is an experienced and qualified tour guide, story teller and outdoors walker who is keen and knowledgeable about the architecture. people, stories and the history of lovely Hobart.

Our walks are suitable for people who can walk unaided. The routes follow the streets of Hobart and include some stairs and a slight hill.

You will find our guides are professional, reliable and dedicated to meet your expectations, as well as being experienced in accurate interpretation of the wonders of Hobart in which we walk.

Our Story

Come for a walk with us, we would love to meet you

hobartHobart Walking Tours was born out of a passion to give holiday and business visitors coming to Hobart a holiday experience that will be the highlight of their trip.

Moving to Hobart in 2010 to enjoy the wonderful lifestyle and natural environment of Tasmania, we spent many weekends exploring the Hobart and soaking up the fascinating history.

JPARKTOURoining the Hobart Walking Club opened a whole new world of less well known (but equally beautiful) walks around Hobart and an amazing wealth of knowledge and history.

We started Hobart Walking Tours so we could give visitors an experience where the history comes to life through stories and where the visitor gets to visit the places where the locals love to go (we’ve found that our locals also love to join our tours to discover things even they didn’t know about!).

We firmly believe that no other city in Australia has as much history, stories, charm and spectacular scenery as Hobart.

Robyn Everist

Business Owner & Tour Guide

robynRobyn has a Certificate IV in Tour Guiding including extensive experience as a guide and researcher. With experience as a guide at the Cascades Female Factory in South Hobart, Robyn has an extensive knowledge of Hobart’s convict history and a wealth of entertaining stories.

A meticulous organiser and skilled communicator, Robyn is particularly good at listening to tour participants and their stories, then drawing on her considerable wealth of knowledge to provide a tour experience that caters for individuals and their interests as well as the whole group.

Currently undertaking a degree in Chinese Language at the University of Tasmania (Just finished! Yay!), a key passion for Robyn is to cater for the increasing numbers of tourist and business visitors from China.

In addition to being a sought after guide by corporate event and convention planners, Robyn is also rapidly developing a reputation as an entertaining and knowledgeable key note speaker.

Robyn’s great loves include:

Hobart History Hobart’s connections to Antarctica

Time for silence to simply stop and enjoy

Walking on the beach with her foster greyhounds (http://www.gaptas.org.au/)


Reading copiously

Interpretive guiding

Learning languages (Chinese, Spanish, Japanese and a touch of Arabic)

Giving exceptional customer service

Early mornings, early nights and surfing at Clifton Beach

Studying at the University of Tasmania (not surprisingly studying Chinese, Antarctic Studies, and Asian Studies)


What Some of Our Customers Say

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