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Hobart Walking Tours

What’s out the window today?

This is a great view to wake up to in the morning, and having Mount Wellington just outside our backdoor is great. But have a look at what’s on top of our favourite mountain – SNOW! Hooray – snow walking time. As a visitor to Hobart, you may not have expected snow but don’t let that put you off getting out there and heading up the mountain for a walk. Here are a few pointers that will make your adventure that much better when it’s a snow day in Hobart. Getting up on top: Be prepared – for everything. Starting with your transport, if you have your own vehicle then make sure you have the antifreeze topped up in the radiator, and plenty of fuel to get up and back. How are the battery & the car heater? You won’t need snow chains, as the Hobart city Council clears the road of snow and spreads salt to make sure it’s all safe from ice. If the roads aren’t safe then they close the barrier gates so no one has to take any chances. Clothing – take it all. You’ll need a woolly glove and hat, even better if the hat covers your ears, sunglasses – maybe not for the sun but to keep the wind out of your eyes. A scarf is a good idea, and of course a warm, windproof coat that covers most of you. No good have a short coat that leaves your butt freezing. Warm trousers and leggings underneath help to keep the wind out. Plus waterproof boots and thick socks. Plus a spare set of shoes & socks in case your walking boots fail you or you step in an ice puddle. You’ll need a day pack to carry a snack, water, phone and your camera. Make sure you tell someone where you are heading and what time you plan to be back. There are some nice short walks to explore once you at the Pinnacle. As soon as you step out of the car on a day like this, the wind will hit you and you’ll wonder what you’re doing. Don’t be put off! If you have all the gear, then get out and start walking. You’ll soon warm up. If it’s super cloudy when you start, don’t despair, the cloud generally moves quite quickly off the top so you are bound to get some good shots. The nice thing about taking photos from the top of Mt Wellington in winter is that once the clouds move off the air is so clear and there is no heat shimmer that you can often get in summer. It is well worth the effort. If you are keen on a short walk, then from the Pinnacle Carpark, you can head out to the Zig Zag viewing point via the Zig Zag track. This walk will give you a high altitude environment with sweeping views over Hobart. If you are after something a bit more interesting – and challenging – then park the car at The Springs car park and walk up the Pinnacle track and the Zig Zag track. This will take you up the eastern face of the mountain to the pinnacle. It is a steep and rocky track, well marked, with great views of the Organ Pipes, the Pinnacle, and Hobart to the east, including great views of the river. It’s about a 4 hour return walk. If you are a bit unsteady over rough ground then a walking pole is a useful thing to take for this walk. Keep in mind that the higher you get the colder it will be, as well as a great chance of snow and wind – so make sure you have the right gear with you. So next time when you’re in Hobart and it’s snowing, get outside! Go experience the wonders of Mount Wellington in person. There’s nothing better.