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Hobart Walking Tours

A Whole New Idea!

Hooray!! At Hobart Walking Tours we are very excited to launch our new advertising look! This idea we have come up with has energised us all. For so long we have struggled with how to sustainably manage our marketing. We wanted to promote our tours in the Hobart Visitor Centre, but we didn’t want to use traditional flyers which inevitably end up in the trash of a local hotel. So – have a look at this! We have printed just one flyer, and enclosed it inside a clear perspex case which the visitor can pick up and read, book a tour, then return it to the slot. This device will sit in our slot at the visitor centre, and is designed to appeal to a particular niche of traveller – those who are comfortable with using hand-held information devices. The icon on the flyer invites the guest to go paperless: use the QR reader, take a photo of the flyer or call us straight away. Alternatively the guest can go talk to the friendly counter staff at the visitor centre for more information and to book tours. Very soon we plan to offer these to local accomodation venues as well. We are pleased and proud to be Tasmania’s first paperless tourism business with this innovative ‘snap and book’ system. We are determined to eliminate the use of paper in our business, and we are looking forward to seeing how visitors, local Hobartians and other tourism operators respond to this idea.